Trying to be Stronger

I haven’t blogged in a while. This image pretty much sums it up as to why:


Can I be real for a few sentences? It’s exhausting to face hurdle after hurdle after hurdle, and keep rising with my head high the next day “IT’S OKAY, I CAN DO THIS!!”

I can. I will. But sometimes I end up plain exhausted and land into a funk. That’s okay. Because after I’ve wallowed in that funk, I still get back up to fight again. Settling just won’t do.

So, it’s the middle of March, and I feel behind on my training for my Spring races. I am behind. I’m behind because I don’t follow a plan, and I do what I want. I have fun doing what I want, but then I don’t have so much fun during the races that I want to do well in.

One month from now I have my first 13.1 of the season. Currently my long run pace is just barely under 10 minute miles. Every double digit run I’ve done in the last month has been a struggle. Physically I’m not where I need to be if I ever want to break two hours again. Can I see any speed gains with what little time I have left? I’ll find out in a month, because there isn’t enough time to quit trying to better my pace either.

On the bike, all winter long with my first season using a trainer I thought “I can’t wait for Spring! I’m going to be so much stronger than I have in any previous Springs!” Last Wednesday there was a 60 degree afternoon that I was pumped for. I was so proud of myself for changing the trainer tire for the road tire mostly by myself. I did have a little fight with the chain getting the tire back on, but dammit, greasy hands and all I did it. I hit the road, sunshine, happy to be out,… and I kept hearing this sound from the back tire.

I kept pulling over, checking the chain.

It still kept making this sound.

I could only ride at 12 mph.


Finally, five miles in I was going to text a picture of the back tire/chain area to a friend to ask if it all looked okay. That’s when I finally noticed my back tire was rubbing on the frame. A-HA! I felt like a champ figuring out and fixing it. And then proceeded to have a wonderful first outdoor ride of the season.

These challenges in my triathlon training transfer to my real life. Hurdles. I face them, find a solution, and fight for it.

Hill repeats after drafting this blog post. I can. I will

One comment

  1. That’s life isn’t it! I feel like I’m always bouncing between riding high and ready to conquer the world and wanting to give up and curl up in a ball. Hopefully spring will bring us all energy to face what we have to. That said, not following a plan and having fun isn’t a bad approach as long as you set your race goals accordingly. 😉


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