Fat Tire Bikes!

When Winter blizzards snubbed Madison, I decided that I need a fat tire bike. There hasn’t been enough snow here to enjoy cross country skiing this season. It’s been a bummer. I need my outdoor adventures all year long.

(Side note, it’s frustrating to hear people who LIVE here “I hate snow, I’m so glad we didn’t get any snow!” If you don’t like snow, why would you live in Wisconsin?)

Anyway. I treated myself to a fat tire bike, and I couldn’t be an ounce happier with my splurge.


Before I actually bought one, a day earlier John and I rented some at this amazing place in Cambridge WI called CamRock Cafe and Sport. Did I say amazing? It’s beyond amazing, if you like bikes. The moment I stepped foot into this cafe I was welcomed with smells of fresh baked goods, and bike lover art galore.



Not only was the ambiance a delight, the service was genuine. The guy helping us took time to show us the maps of the trails and give his advice for us novices. After a few minutes of instruction, we hit the trails.

The trails were beautiful, along a creek, peaceful, and we were fortunate enough to go at a time when snow was falling. It was Winter perfection.

As for our first ride, we were so wobbly on the bikes! The entire time we were gleefully laughing at almost falling off of the bikes at every turn. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun on a bike! We roamed the trails for two hours. I was surprised at how challenging and technical some of the trails were. The challenge sealed the deal for my need to buy a fat tire bike.

On the ride back to the cafe we were eager to order some post ride food. Their menu is awesome. Lots of sandwiches named after bike related things, I ordered The Pedal. Again, the service was top notch, the food was really good, and they even had beer! Annnnd, a punch card for beer bottle purchases! Yes, we will be back!



  1. Those bikes look like a blast! We might try renting some this year yet if we ever have a free weekend. I like the snow but I dislike the super cold. I try not to complain too much because I live in Illinois and it gets cold every year, duh! I do enjoy when it is in the 30s and I can get out and enjoy the sunshine and snow !


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