My Secret Adulting Goal Revealed

In my last post, I cryptically mentioned that I couldn’t really say anything about a newly developed goal of mine. Two days before the Declare It Day event I met with an academic advisor at Madison College. Ten YEARS ago, I dropped out. I was 17 credits shy of a liberal arts associate’s degree.

The academic advisor did not hold back, “What? WHY? Why would you quit with so few credits to go?”

Ten years ago I quit because I was sick of waitressing jobs to get by while going through school. I quit and took on a full time job as a florist. Then as a pharmacy technician. Then as a shift leader at a fast food restaurant. Then my first “big girl” job in a credit union. Jack of all traits I guess.

This jack has hit a wall in her current position. I want to do something I really enjoy. I want to be more. I want to have that piece of paper that proves to employers I am valuable.

I have been accepted for the Fall 2016 semester in the marketing program at Madison College.

Classes start during my Ironman Wisconsin taper.

I sure like a challenge.


  1. Woohoo! As hard as it is to add to your plate as an adult, I think going back to school can be easier in someways because your motivation is better. So excited for you!


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