Getting stuff done, outside and inside

[singing text] If you’re sick of indoor workouts CLAP YOUR HANDS!! [clap][clap]

I have one of those nice, later morning work starts today. Normally I hop out of bed to get in an early workout, usually a run outside along side the sun rising over Lake Monona. Negative temperatures and lost patience with this Winter kept me in bed. Instead I did some leg and core strengthening exercises when I finally got out of bed.

I’m not sure why I’m so fed up with indoor workouts, as I had a few outside runs last week. See, look!



That second picture is me being an Ambassador of Her Madison Half Marathon and running up Bascom Hill. On Saturday I made the mistake of letting John lead the way for our long run. He took us up Gorham Street, Bascom Hill, and Observatory Drive. Hills, hills and more hills. My splits dipped into the tens, which drives me crazy, but I know I’m doing the work. Do the work, get stuff done.

Later that night I attended Fellow Flowers Declare It Day dance party event. I danced the night away with internet strangers, and a couple gals who are already near and dear to me. Declare It Day is a day where you boldly declare a goal of yours. I have some goals under my sleeve, but timing won’t let me proudly state them quite yet. It’s not a fear thing, it’s that I’m waiting on some pending decisions that are out of my control. For now, I’ll practice patience and carry on with Team #Badassery



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