Training, Work, and Dreaming


It’s become routine. Routine enough to kind of already be bored of it, wanting to skip workouts. I blame Winter on this, being prisoner to the treadmill and trainer while there’s no daylight and frigid temps. On Saturday John and I ran around the bay of Lake Monona from our house, a lovely 10 mile jaunt. It felt great to get out in the winter sunshine and see so many Madisonians out and about. We even carried a consisten 9:30 pace throughout!


Late December I took on a tough position in my company. It’s hard. I am a human verbal punching bag for most hours of the day. It’s not all bad, I do still laugh at work and solve problems. I get to be a wizard. It’s just a tougher role than what I’m used to. When I mention my job description to anyone they immediately react “I could never, yuck” type of response. Know what? You don’t have to, I choose to, and I get to exercise strength and perseverance eight hours a day. Keep the negative responses to yourself please.


On Saturday night I said to John “We should move to Hawaii.” His immediate reaction was No. I was offended that he didn’t even consider it. When he realized I was actually serious for a change, he got inspired. We both hemmed and hawed all day Sunday. I was shocked that he was starting to take it seriously. We could! We can’t! We shouldn’t! But we could! This is how the conversation has been going since that night. Something beautiful about this is how when one of us gives up on the idea, the other thinks of a solution to the hurdle. We’re keeping this dream alive!



Though the Hawaii dreaming is a wonderful distraction from the winter blahs, right now I need to dig deep and keep up the forward progress I’m making with building a strong base for my June 70.3.

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  1. I love your positive attitude about your work. You can make such a huge difference in someone’s day! Please don’t move to Hawaii. I’m still trying to get back to Madison.


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