Treadmill Tantrums

Treadmill. Dreadmill. Hamster-wheel. Whatever you call it, I just can’t.

Last week my focus was to get back into the swing of a somewhat-regular training schedule. It still feels too early for triathlon training, but it will sneak up on me if I don’t start now. Along with getting back into the swing of training I also logged my calories for a week–*groan*  I know, I know, it’s one of the worst topics in the world, but holidays throw off my healthy eating game. The first week of the year was a good reset, back to reality, except for that g’damn treadmill.


The first stab at the treadmill was a Tuesday morning at 5:30am, too early to notice my hate for the treadmill. It went okay, my TrainingPeaks note says “Felt less awful than previous treadmill runs.” That’s a success.

Next one was Wednesday at 4:45pm, when all the resolutioners come out to hog all the good treadmills. After moving to and from six different old treadmills with broken buttons I finally found one. I got on, found a good show to watch, and then a mile in a guy got onto the treadmill next to me. I immediately began to choke on his cologne. What the hell. I kept turning my head to glare at him “Your cologne is killing me” I’d think real hard in my head. By mile two I was enraged by his intoxicating stench than I stormed off the treadmill, and luckily found an empty good treadmill.

My final treadmill run of the week was a hot mess. It was Thursday afternoon, the gym wasn’t as bad and I even got a good treadmill. (Seeing the words good and treadmill next to each other is kind of ironic, yes?) I even had written down on a note card a specific interval workout that I made up myself. By mile 2.5 I had to get off of the treadmill and use the bathroom. I came back, okay, just 1.5 miles more, I can do this. Nope, no I can’t. I have to slow to a walk. I’m so uncomfortably hot. My lunch is bouncing around in my stomach. Why does this feel so hard? I hate this. I’m going to have to quit running until the ice melts.

Despite a few tantrums on the treadmill, it turned out to be a good first week back into training.


Those treadmill tantrums have me thinking of other ways to get my running in. One thought is to just drive to a bike path since they are better maintained than side streets and sidewalks. Frigid January temperatures arrived just in time for that solution. Tomorrow the high is 16.

Another solution is to plan more early morning treadmill runs since it’s less crowded and my mind isn’t fully awake anyhow.

Either way, there were some splits during my long run that motivated me to start doing some speed work on the run. This next week will have more ambition and less tantrums.

One comment

  1. I opted for my treadmill voluntarily last week, but it’s my own in my basement so I can’t complain much. On the other hand, on Sunday I was suffocating from the coconut scent of whatever “product” the woman next to me in spin class had used. I honestly think I’d rather be next to someone who hadn’t showered first (it was a 9:30 am class).


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