Writing it Down

Like I mentioned in my brief 2015 wrap up post, this is how I feel about New Year’s


I’ll still be me in 2016, but like always, I want to improve in the things I do. This means eating better (Goodbye holidays cookies!), intervals, hill repeats, getting uncomfortable, and following through.

That last one is important, follow through. I’m so good at half ass’ing things.

I went out and bought one of those Believe running journals. I’ve seen others do really well with it, I hope to see success with it too. I sat down with it tonight for the first time, to start plotting. I stared blankly at the Goals page, where you’re supposed to fill it in with goals. My goals are always so vague, so that I can half ass it.


After some hesitation, I wrote down “Break six hours at Milkman 70.3 Triathlon in June”

That’s doable. I can do that.

Reasons? My last 70.3 finish was 6:10, and it’ll be a great start towards Ironman Wisconsin training.

How? Time on my new bike trainer with intervals, and hill repeats in the Spring. And run as many Lake Monona loops as possible before the race, as the run course is the lake loop.

I think this writing it down on paper stuff might actually work.

Happy New Year!


One comment

  1. Your attitude about new year’s is inspiring me to be more realistic about it. You’ve got a good plan and now that you’ve told the internets you’ll have to follow through.


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