Goodbye Downtown

Sorry for another post about my job change, but this is a huge life change for me. A life change affects everything, including my triathlon life. Plus, I wrote this post in my head during a run.

I went for my last run after work from my downtown Madison work location. It’s amazing, three years ago working in a downtown credit union was my dream job. I use the words dream job loosely, because it’s not like I’m saving lives or anything, but it doesn’t make it any less important to me.

That’s the thing about my job, I always feel like I have to explain it, or say I’m just a teller. Though it’s not a pedestal job, it is important and incredibly demanding. Have you ever worked customer service? It’s that, plus a lot of logic, problem solving, an expanse of knowledge, and time on your feet, and head spinning with twenty thousand tasks that get thrown at you in a matter of minutes.

Like I said, it’s not like I’m literally saving lives, but I can’t count on both of my hands how many times a member has said “Oh my god, you saved my life!” after I’ve solved their problem. People come to me with problems, I fix them. I am a wizard.

During my run I reflected on all the good, great, and ugly moments in the credit union. I’ve had my share of bat-shit crazy people, and some of the most genuine kind people who just want to tell me what the temperature is like outside. I have really great banter with some, I have relationships with others, I know them and their dogs by name. I thought I would miss this bunch, yet I saw four of my regular members out and about during this little run after work.

I’m terrified of taking on this new role in the credit union, at a different location, but it’s time. Time to move forward, get uncomfortable, and become a wizard somewhere else.



  1. Steena you will totally rock your new role, in the same way you were an awesome teller, triathle, saxophone player, photographer, and florist. The only limits you have are the ones you set for yourself. 2016 is going to be the best year yet..I cannot wait!!!!


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