Shiny New Things

Funny how things work out. Earlier today, during my lunch break I typed up a draft about how stupid I felt walking out of an interview I had within my current company for a new position. I tend to verbally vomit all the wrong things. Now? The draft is gone. It went missing. Poof!

And that’s okay, because I accepted the offer! Big life change. I’ll be working in a different location away from my beloved downtown Madison location. I’ll be in a different work environment, I’m nervous, excited and relieved…it’ll be all shiny and new!

Speaking of shiny and new, I finally bought an indoor trainer for my bike! How in the world have I been a triathlete for four years without one? After just one hour session I already know I’m going to be so much stronger come Spring!


Oh, ooooh, and John bought himself a new triathlon bike! So much new-things excitement going around!


As for swimming lately, nope, not existent. The pool was closed for a week and I haven’t had any free time to go since it re-opened. That’s okay, it’s the off season, I should really appreciate the guiltless swim skipping right now. (I should have gotten a tattoo during this away from pool time!)

In running, yup, things are going well in that department. On Thanksgiving John and I ran 6.5 miles at a 9:04 pace, which is excellent for me. A couple days later I was craving a trail run so I drove to the woods to do that! It shouldn’t shock you to read that I fell at mile 7 and then sat on a log. It’s not a trail run unless I fall, and this was a nice place to land if you ask me.


At the time of my little trail run fall, I didn’t think much of it. Now that I’ve gotten up, stretched, faced some stressful work situations, big life decisions, I can only laugh and be proud of how many times I’ve fallen, in life and in running. Always get back up and aim higher.


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