Off Season, Life Decisions

I haven’t blogged in a while because off season just isn’t that interesting. Since my last post I’ve been recovering from double marathons, getting my eating habits back on track, dabbling in a gluten-sparse diet, playing my piano that I haven’t touched since last March…

I did run the 1/6th barrel route at Tyranena Beer Run a couple weekends ago. I was signed up for the 13.1 but dropped to the 4.37 mile route because my heart just wasn’t in it for the longer distance just six days after a full marathon. I know I could have slogged through it, but it’s important to listen to your heart once in a while. With “just” doing the four mile route, I ran it as fast as I could getting me 7 out of 63 in my age group with an 8:37 pace. I was quite pleased with that!

Outside of athlete life, I’m dabbling in career change. I’ve been sending beautiful cover letters and resumes and then listening to crickets chirp after. It’s a tough market out there. Since I can’t seem to find any opportunity outside of my current company, I applied for a different role within it. It’s going to be different than what I’m used to, but I think ultimately better for me at this point in my life. Right now I work 6-10 hour shifts on my feet, with heavy lifting from time to time. The other role will be a sit down job in 8 hour shifts.

As a triathlete training for Ironman, the sit down job looks more appealing. I’ve been in my on-my-feet position through three seasons of long distance triathlon training. On busy days of running around, I can tell my workouts suffer after. I’m often fatigued from work and not able to put more into my workouts. I’m in a place in my triathlon life where I want to improve!

So next step is to interview for it, and fret over whether or not I’m making good life decisions. What if I don’t like the new role at all? I really do enjoy my current one, there are so many things that I’ll miss about it, and a few that I won’t miss. I could really use a crystal ball to see into the future with.


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  1. If you find the crystal ball, I will send over my list of questions for it!
    Such decisions are hard, but I always look at it this way: “What would you regret more?” Sitting all day has its disadvantages, and it took about six months for my hips to stop being cranky — but I PRed every distance I raced two years later. And you won’t know until you try it, which leads me to the other thing I think (but don’t act on nearly as much as I should): “If I don’t try this, will I look back in regret one day?”


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