Haunted Hustle Marathon

Untitled Let me begin with telling you how awesome the Haunted Hustle 5k/10k/13.1/26.2 event is. It’s local, the race shirts and medals are awesome, very well organized, logistics are simple, beautiful course, fun, etc, I can’t say enough good things about this event.

I want to write about my immediate, day-after feelings about my finish, but I also don’t want to be that guy wah-wah’ing about it either, because really, at the end of the day, whether I’ll let myself be proud of it or not, it really was a good marathon. My fourth best actually! Of ten marathons, if you include Ironman marathons, which I do, because 26.2 miles is 26.2 miles.

The wah-wah stuff

  • John had to bow out ten miles in due to his strained abdominal muscle. It was causing surrounding muscles to hurt.
  • We started out too fast, even though I knew better. Our first 9 miles were a 9:20 average and I paid for it in the later miles.
  • I still don’t know how to fuel for a marathon. I used four Salt Caramel Gu, and brought a Bonk Breaker. Bonk Breakers are impossible to eat while running. I stopped to walk to choke it down, but couldn’t.
  • I ended up doing some walking in the last half, and I blame the Bonk Breaker. I have a mentality where if I stop to walk once, then it’s okay to keep doing it. It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okaaaaaay, walk a little. You’re okay. You can walk!
  • I walked the big Greenbriar Rd hill that I trained so hard to be ready for. I walked it twice. Our final 18 mile long run included that hill twice, I ran up it twice in training.
This is taken half way up it, not even from the bottom!

The PROUD stuff

  • I never felt miserable–My A goal.
  • I ran most of the hills. My Garmin reports 1339 feet of elevation gain.
  • Our costumes were awesome and got a lot cheers on the course.
  • I finished the entire 26.2 in a wig.
  • I layered perfectly.
  • This is the best marathon weather I’ve ever had, and most beautiful day on a really great course. The Pheasant Branch Conservancy is a delight to run through.
  • A week ago I wasn’t even sure I could start the race after I fell hard on concrete and hurt my knee. I never once felt a twinge from the knee during the race!
  • When I first signed up for this I planned on it being a five hour finish with how challenging the course is, I repeat, 1339 feet of elevation gain. I am proud of a 4:38 finish on this course, and thankful for how strong training for this course has made me.







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