Taper Drama

It seems that during every taper for a marathon I have some drama to add to the craziness. This time around I thought it was that John ended up pulling an abdomen muscle. It was so bad he thought it was a hernia and saw a doctor. The doctor found no evidence of a hernia and told him to rest for two weeks. Our–his first marathon is in one week.

Having this knowledge I was worried, I knew there would be a point where I’d have to make a decision. He said he would plan on starting the race, but DNF’ing if his ab muscle started to give him trouble. We were to start the marathon together, and there was a possibility I’d have to choose to go on without him. I would feel so much guilt, and probably bonk if that happened.

None of that really matters now…Well, it does, but, my taper drama just got worse. I fell. This morning on my final eight mile run I fell onto my stupid knees and elbows. All four limbs are scratched, bloody and bruised. After getting bandaged up, I thought I’d try to go out and finish my last long run. Nope. My right knee has always been extra sensitive since 2010 when I had severe runner’s knee. Even later when I tried to walk the dogs it felt achy.

So here I am a week out from a marathon that just two days ago I felt very confident going into. This was going to be the year! Now I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to start.

I’m being dramatic.

I’ll keep icing it, it’ll probably be fine in a couple of days.

If not, at least we have the greatest couple’s costume for Halloween!


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