The Crazy Feels

Watching all the excitement from Kona on my computer is beginning to make me crazy. Crazy inspired, crazy sad, crazy happy for those who have qualified, crazy salivating with envy, crazy, crazy, crazy. I’m watching many triathlete’s dreams come true.

I know that athletes who are there worked really, really hard to get there. Right now I’m working really hard (notice I only used one “really”) to just finish a marathon strong in about two weeks. I’ve been putting in my hill repeats, my intervals, going out of my comfort zone and feeling pretty darn good about it. Will my hard work actually pay off on race day? I question this even in the midst of running a fast-out-of-my-comfort-zone interval.

When I think back to the majority of my races in the past couple of years there’s a reoccurring thought that makes me feel quit-y during the race, “All that hard work, and my legs won’t work today” Maybe it’s a mental thing, maybe my legs just really think HAHA SUCKER!! I do need to get to the bottom of why my hard efforts don’t seem to pull me through on race day. This is probably where a coach would be helpful.

I guess my point in all this blabbering is will my performance ever improve? I don’t expect to run eight minute miles overnight, but do want to see the start of a slow progression. Any sign of progress would help me believe that I can have the right to dream of Kona in six years from now.

One comment

  1. I bet a coach would give you new insight and something new to try anyway! I think track work is what impacted my pace the most, even though I don’t do it as often as I should.


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