When Triathlon Season comes to an End

After Redman Triathlon I had my usual post race feels, where I wished I could have done just a little better, was proud of what I did do well, and then started to think about the next one. Except the next one won’t be until at least next June. Sigh, all good things come to an end. Triathlon season is over in Wisconsin.

It ended with an unexpected plot twist, I qualified for ITU Long Course Nationals with my finish at Redman Triathlon! The slots went to the first 25 finishers in each age group. I was number 24! I’ve never been able to say “I qualified” for something, it’s a neat feeling! The slightly sad part is that the Nationals is two weeks after Ironman Wisconsin 2016. I could probably slog through it, but it just wouldn’t be wise. I’ll be happy with the satisfaction of just knowing I qualified.

Finally got race photos!

The end of triathlon season quickly brought the start of fall marathon season. I had put in one quality 16 mile run prior to Redman Triathlon, did a 12 miler a week after, and now I’m in peak week. Yikes. This weekend will be my final long run of three hours, which is generally 18 miles for me. I’ve been making sure to plan lots of hills for these long runs because the Haunted Hustle course is a no joke, not for the weak, hilly course. My only goal is to feel strong through it, no matter what the finish time is.

Speaking of finish times, I want to take a moment to remind anyone who might be reading to be grateful for any finish time, for any race. From 5k to full marathon, it is truly awesome that you’re out there chasing your goals. Some people are afraid to even start. Over the weekend I read a few posts from people speaking negatively about their finish time, where their finish time is probably a dream for most others. I get it, I can relate, I’ve said similar stuff in the past myself, we all want to improve. But take a minute to bite your tongue, be grateful for your legs and your will to try to conquer.

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