Sick, Taper, Race Week, GO!!

Getting sick with a sore throat, coughing, and sinus pressure is never a welcome event, but I am grateful for the timing of it. Two days after hosting house guests for Ironman Wisconsin and spending the day spectating I came down with a sore throat, which came with all the other agonizing symptoms. It put me on the sofa for four days, away from my bike, running shoes, and goggles.

It forced me to start an extra taper for RedMan Triathlon this coming weekend, adding to the taper crazies. On Saturday I tried to tough out the sickness and run 10 miles. The entire thing felt like the last two miles of a 20 mile training run, just awful. Though physically it was terrible, I was so grateful to be out enjoying the perfect September day. Masses of Badger fans swayed back and forth on the sidewalks yelling at each other and maybe us (John and I), and I got to see my pal Thong & Cape Man on his scooter with a skeleton on his back. The only thing that could have made the day more perfect was if I wasn’t feeling so physically lousy!

After our turn around point, we stopped at the building where we had our wedding reception ten years ago. TEN!! We celebrated ten years of marriage with a 10 mile run, margaritas, and a trip down memory lane looking through our scrapbooks. Even the photos that make me cringe make me smile, we have had some really great times together.

On Sunday I woke up pretending I was feeling better, I wasn’t. I put on my cycling gear anyway. John and I agreed on 90 minutes in the saddle and hopped onto the Sytennde Mai Run course. Again, physically it felt really tough, but it was such a beautiful morning. Hard not to enjoy!

It was a rough weekend of workouts for me, and it’s race week. Back when I signed up I had high hopes of breaking six hours. Now that I’m recovering from a nasty cough I just hope to survive and enjoy the experience. It’s my first 70.3 out of state! I’m getting into a van with my triathlete besties, driving for 12 hours, and doing the swim, bike, run thing! Let the taper crazies fly, it’s going to be a wild ride!

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