Hot Miles, Casual Miles, Many Miles

My recovery week long run felt so bad that I forgot to take a moment to appreciate all the good that happened in it. It was bad because I slept in until 7:30, and by the time I got running it was 86 degrees with heavy humidity. Just walking out of my backdoor I grunted “uggh.”  On top of the heat, I planned a mean, hilly route for John and I. We’re training for the Haunted Hustle 26.2, it’s going to be brutally hilly, I want to be prepared!

Not even by mile two of our eleven mile run I whispered “I don’t think I have eleven in me today.” My legs felt like garbage. We stopped to stretch and it actually helped! We got moving for a couple of miles after that. Once I got my legs moving, mentally I began to melt. Heat does that.

But there were great parts about this run. One of them was the nice old man who lives on the Arboretum loop and has a water fountain in his front yard for runners/walkers/cyclists to use. He was out mowing his lawn when we stopped for water, and he came to chat with us and offered his hose too. I took him up on that offer and hosed my head, it made me feel like a new person! It cooled me off to keep chugging along for a couple more miles.

Walking up one of the mean hills I plotted in this route. Pictures never do hills justice.

I’m grateful for the 7Eleven that let me hijack their fountain soda machine for ice. I borrowed some ice to fill up my sports bra. It was necessary!

A couple miles after that I let out some frustration “Why can’t I just power through this heat? I put in my speed work and I’m hardly able to run a 10 minute mile, waaaaah.”  John tried to encourage me, but it led to bickering. He knows that this is a part of the gig, I will get cranky and argumentative! After our little argument we finished off our last mile in Madison’s tiny free Zoo. Who knew this little zoo could make a mile so fun? We didn’t get the full eleven miles in, but ten took us as long as eleven should have.

I would prefer to just lay there too.

On Sunday my plan was to ride 40 miles, and John joined for the fun of it. Once we got into Middleton he reminded me that I should be on peak week for Redman 70.3 training and suggested we take a little detour from my planned route. We turned right instead of left and landed in Cross Plains and were able to hop onto the Ironman WI bike course! Now we know that we can ride to the loop just 20 miles from home. That’s going to be a huge time saver for our training next Summer!

We ended up riding a little over 50 miles. It feels pretty awesome knowing we can casually go and knock out 50 miles and then go enjoy the rest of the day. This has proven to be a great Summer to find that balance between long distance triathlon training and life.

Ziggy agrees:


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