Training Sparks

My last post really put a spark in my training. Last week I did some higher intensity workouts that I’m not used to. My method of training is generally to get out, log some miles, call it a day, and drink a beer for dinner. That method surprisingly hasn’t shown me any progress or improvements with finish times in the last few years!

I don’t have a coach, or a need for one at this time. Instead I’m restructuring my mindset for how I train based off of some ideas I got from the book The Well Built Triathlete by Matt Dixon. What I found the most surprising from the book is how much I agree with Dixon’s methods, and how much I already train like he recommends. Basically he emphasizes the importance of good recovery, high intensity workouts, and using the time you have wisely. Sounds simple, and it is. It’s just a matter of actually following through.

The other book I’m reading is The Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training by Jim Taylor. This isn’t as interesting of a read as Dixon’s book, but I need it. Mental strength is my weakness. I’m even struggling to find the mental strength to finish this book!

A tweak I’ve made in my workouts last week was to look at them as mental training. What a difference! When I looked at it as more mental training than physical training I didn’t give up. I did an interval run workout where I nailed each interval, on a hilly route. Then I ran 15 miles in the middle of the day on Saturday–let me explain, 15 miles is my least favorite distance, and doing it in the middle of the day was an added challenge. After the run John even said “Hey, way to not have a mental breakdown during that run!”

I’m making progress!!

Now I’m kicking off the start of September with a much needed recovery week. Next weekend will bring Ironman Wisconsin excitement! And before I know it, I’ll be hitting the road to Oklahoma for my last triathlon of the season. BRING IT!!



  1. Great post!! Love the idea of mental training! That’s something I’ve been working on myself! It’s not always easy, but definitely worth putting time into. Way to go- running 15 miles during the time definitely takes dedication. You’re awesome! XOXO


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