The Right

Last week I spent hours stalking this blog hard. It’s written by a gal named Maria who never gave up. She was on a mission to qualify for Kona, and after a few attempts, she got it. I devoured every race recap she wrote, appreciating her honesty and her dedication to just BELIEVE. If you’re looking for inspiration, go read her recaps!

Later that day, I sent John a text


Here’s what you need to know about me: I’m currently 33 years old, I’ve done two Ironman events (both with a 14+ hour finish), my stand-alone marathon PR is 4:27, I struggle on the bike, I’m not entirely certain I can fix a flat tire, and I give up easily. What I’m trying to say is that I don’t feel like I have the right to even dream of Kona.

The day I sent that text, I went for a bike ride. Murphy’s Law in my world means that on days that I bike, it is ridiculously windy out. showed it to be 20 mph wind that day. I was all amped up after reading Maria’s journey to Kona, and something in my head screamed “Go ride in that wind like it’s Hawaii!” I did, I fought it! I hunkered down, I pedaled, I didn’t give up, my head was on right for a change. I ended up having my fastest bike ride to date, 20 miles at 17 mph!

A few days after that bike ride I had my stupid half marathon bonk at the Madison Mini Marathon. The give-up voice in my head reminded me, I really don’t have a right to dream of Kona.

On Monday, Mother Nature gave me the joy of battling 20+ mph wind for my long ride. The first hour of my ride was into the wind, with sections where the fastest I could possibly move my bike was 8 mph. Even going downhill into this wind I could only crank out 10 mph. It was nuts. I kept going. It’s windy in Kona I hear. I got 35 miles in with a 16.1 mph average, which is a good ride for me.

I found it crazy-ironic that this popped up in my FaceBook feed on Monday night.

The day after I took my bike out again, battling half the wind, but on tired legs from Monday’s workout. The bike ride was still a struggle. After an hour on the bike I went for a hilly-ish brick run, finishing 6 miles with a 9:30 pace, again, decent splits for me.

While I know it’s a ridiculous dream for me, I’m going to borrow some of Maria’s BELIEVE attitude. The fact that in 20+mph wind I didn’t consider taking my ride indoors proves that I have some fight in me. Anybody can train in perfect conditions. I might bitch about the conditions, but I’ll train in them anyway. Maybe six years of training in quirky Wisconsin conditions will help get me there.


  1. Everyone has the right to dream, to have a goal, to want something like Kona. It gives you something to work toward even if it’s baby steps right now. You have finished two Ironmans and I don’t know how many Half Ironmans, but you keep going. I am so impressed with watching your training. I can’t imagine the time that goes into Ironman training. I believe you can get there.

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  2. Wow. I’m humbled and deeply flattered that my words and my experience could be helpful like this. But there’s is clearly something in you that wants this – the blog just gave you the nudge to let that inner roar come out. The journey is absolutely the most important part here – enjoy it. Even the parts that suck – Hahahahah!

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  3. You have the right to dream for sure! We all do! I NEVER thought I would run a BQ marathon, and I did. I never thought I would have a shot a Kona, but now I do. I think the most important thing for those of us trying to get there, is to not kid ourselves about what it will take. We have to be honest with our selves but to have the courage to believe that we can. If you don’t believe that you can then you never will.
    I know you didn’t have a good experience before but I can’t recommend enough getting a good coach. Best money I am spending on my training by far!

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