Our Own Team

This morning I quietly slid out of bed and did my best not to disturb the dogs and spouse so they could sleep in. I hopped on my bike at 7:00am. This just might be a record time on a Sunday for me. I didn’t have a plan, any certain mileage to get, I just wanted to get out there! I rode from my home to the stem of the Ironman WI bike course. The roads were all mine!

After the ride I slid into my running shoes to make it a brick. The first few seconds of the run I felt myself wanting to slog through it, but I told myself “Get uncomfortable, get faster” so I picked up the pace. I did two fast miles, 8:35 and 8:28. For me, this is a huge WOW!! I only did two miles because I have a sprint triathlon this coming Saturday that I do plan to race, all out, uncomfortable, huffing and puffing, propelling myself forward as fast as I possibly can.

After my brick John suggested that we go out and practice beach swim starts since I had such a rough start an Ironman 70.3 Racine. He’s so thoughtful, and smart, because I wouldn’t have thought “Gee I should practice that”

When we got to the beach, the plan was to do a running start from the beach and dive into the water and swim as fast as I can for 400 yards. The first attempt was not so good, I had that same heart-pounding, gasping for air feeling I did at Racine. The second one went better except for the mouthful of water I took in and had to stop and choke on that. Then the third attempt was a huge confidence boost. It was 265 yards that read a 1:10 per 100 yd average on my Garmin. The fourth was 365 yards with a 1:15 per 100 yd average. A huge takeaway I got from this exercise was finding a starting pace that works for me.

Another thing that blossomed out of this is that John and I had a conversation about our unhealthy habits on the drive to/from the beach. We drink, a lot. Too much. I will admit this openly, it’s no secret. We’re going to cut back on that, limit alcoholic drinks to one night a week. This is going to be SO GOOD for my waistline and my wallet!

We’re a full year and fifty some days until Ironman Wisconsin 2016, but I am so excited to have John as a training partner next Summer. During my ride this morning I rode past the Monona Terrace where I saw a few triathlon teams training. I used to feel some jealousy towards teams, but this morning for the first time I didn’t. I felt a tiny bit braver, knowing that I have been doing this alone. On my own will I’ve done the miles, nobody depending on me, except for me. Now I have my best friend, my spouse. We are our own team. Together, we’re going to go beyond limits we didn’t know we had.



  1. I love that you guys support each other so well. Good luck with all of it. I also need to cut back my drinking. I blame summer.


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