A Road Trip Started by a Tweet

Sometimes that cliché’ saying “Everything happens for a reason” smacks you in the face. It happened to me the other day, it all started with a tweet.

My friend Kristin tossed a link to a triathlon at me and a couple of other local triathlete buddies. Kristin lives in Oklahoma, so my initial reaction was “pffffft I don’t travel for races”

After thirty minutes of banter back and forth, we all decided that actually yes, this is doable, let’s do it! Holy crap–ROAD TRIP!!

The triathlon is called Redman triathlon, located in Oklahoma City, on September 26th. My tri-besties and I signed up for the 70.3 distance. What makes this especially crazy to me is that I already have this time requested off of work for a marathon–that was canceled. I was planning on rescinding that time-off request from work the day after this Redman triathlon conversation happened. How crazy, weird, awesome is that!

The other crazy part is when the conversation started I was really worried about money. I’m stressing over how to pay for Ironman Wisconsin 2016. When John got home from work I told him about the conversation and his first reaction was “DO IT” no questions asked. The registration fee went onto a credit card. I’m so lucky to have a supportive husband that encourages adventure!

The Redman course is crazy flat, giving me crazy hope of breaking six hours there. My PR is 6:15, those 15 minutes can reasonably be slashed on the bike and maaaaaaaybe run. All I know is that I have all of August to work on my speed and I want it baaad. My only fear is that the travel time there in a van full of giggly girls will exhaust me and I won’t have any race energy. That would be okay though, good times all around!

What ever happens, I’ll know it was for a reason!



  1. It was so fun watching this unfold on twitter. I’ve had some great adventures traveling for races. You guys will have so much fun!


  2. This sounds like a fun adventure! Just keep drinking water on the road trip: Stop at McDonald’s, use the bathroom, refill your bottle with ice water, and continue down the road. I drank SO MUCH water on the drive before my Seattle to Portland bike ride, and I really think it helped. Just think of the frequent stops as good chances to stretch the legs, and allow enough time so you’re not stressed about arriving at a set time.


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