Taper Thoughts

Tapering. I’m doing that, again. All this extra time to think and ponder.


Right now thoughts that are weighing heavily on me is Ironman Wisconsin 2016. Do I really want to sign up? How am I going to pay for it? Am I going to regret making that commitment? Will I get my shit together and train smart to finish a little faster?

Money is a huge consideration this year because John expressed desire to sign up as well. Two seven hundred dollar registrations, yikes. I didn’t start an Ironman savings account this year, so it’ll be a big dent on the credit card. I get a mid-year bonus from work, but I really want to blow it on a Standing Paddle Board instead. See? Commitment, I want to blow money on fun things. Ironman is fun things too. Argh.

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have been enjoying a relaxing Summer with just 90 minute bike rides and runs on the weekend. I haven’t felt stressed or pressured to get long training miles in. Though on Sunday morning it was a perfect melty hot Summer day and I felt like I wanted to ride for a lot longer than 90 minutes, part of me even thought “What a great day for a four hour ride!

This Ironman thing is a sickness, isn’t it?

I still have a good month and a half to make my decision, but I predict it’ll be like the time I went to just “look” at puppies and came home with Dexter. Seriously, who goes to just look at puppies? Of course you come home with one!

what did i get myself into...

Volunteering and spectating at Ironman WI this year will make me absolutely sure I want to go for it again. John too, he was bitten hard by the triathlon bug. Actually, I blame him entirely for this taper right now, he was the one who persuaded me into an IM 70.3 Racine registration!

Oh taper.


  1. I say, do both. SUP and IM. I know it’s expensive, but look at what you can do do cut costs to compensate. Or, have you thought about a different IM? I know you love WI, but making a road trip out of it going to another location could even add to the fun.


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