Capitol View Sprint Triathlon

Capitol View Triathlon.. where do I start? There are a few different ways I want to recap this race because it’s a special one to me. It was my first ever triathlon back in 2011 after coming back from severe runner’s knee. I was a complete noob, I hardly got on my bike before the race, and assured John “No big deal, it’s going to be soooo easy!”  It wasn’t easy, I got some humble pie, and then began my addiction of triathlon. Looking back, from then until now, I’m in awe of how far I’ve come. (2011 race recap here)

For this year, I had only signed up for the race a week beforehand. What in the world was I thinking? Did I really think I would not do this race? Of course I would. So it wasn’t penciled in on my training plan for my A-race next weekend, Toughman WI 70.3. With taper on the brain, my intentions were to take Capitol View easy, practice transitions, and just enjoy being surrounded by triathletes.

When I arrived at the race site on Sunday morning I was pleased to see glass calm lake Mendota, waiting for triathletes to make waves! In my wave I tried to get as close to the front as possible, and when the “gun” went off, I took off like a wild woman. With how smooth the lake was, I pulled away from my wave with ease. Around the first buoy I turned and saw a blur of purple swim caps behind me. Right next to me was a girl doing the breast stroke at the same speed as my freestyle swim. What the heck? I was having a hell of a time trying to pass her, but on the next buoy turn I lost her, I think. Who knows. All I know is that I was 2nd of my AG out of the water and that makes me giddy!

My T1 went better than last weekend in Lake Mills, got it done in less than 2 minutes. Tearing the wetsuit off quickly is tough!

On the bike I was happy there was no wind to fight, but I did have the challenge of a hilly course. With knowing I have a 70.3 this coming Saturday I didn’t push it very hard on the bike. Just used it as “easy” speed-work, if there’s such a thing? A gentle reminder to my legs that they can be speedy. It was only 10 miles too. When I got back to T2 I saw that my bike was the third on the rack. “Oh, maybe I’m doing pretty good?” I thought to myself.

That thought kept me moving as quickly as I possibly could, but it was a slow one! It had rained the night before, the run course is on trails, and in some spots the mud was slick like ice. Besides the slippery mud spots, the run course offers some challenging hills too. I was a little mad at my legs considering I’ve been training on that course for the last few weeks!

I’m happy with my finishing numbers with all things considered

Swim 400 yards –  7:27
T1  –  1:49
Bike 10 miles  –  38:10, 15.7 mph
T2  –  1:28
Run 3.1 miles  –  31:13, 10:04 min/mile (urgh)
Total  –  1:20:10
AG  –  6/20

I’m glad I signed up for the race last minute, it’s become a can’t-miss event for me. I can’t say enough good things about the race and its organizers!

My friend Becca & I excited for the day!
John placed 3rd in his age group!
A sprint triathlon that gives an awesome medal! I love medals!
Happy finisher!


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