Lake Mills Triathlon

On Sunday I got to break in my triathlon season at Lake Mills Triathlon. It’s a sprint distance, 400 yd swim, 16 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run. Going into it, my intentions were to race and evaluate my triathlon-fitness while I was still finishing up some peak mileage training for Toughman 70.3 in a couple of weeks. That meant I had a 12 mile long run on Friday, a two hour bike ride on Saturday afternoon, and then the sprint triathlon Sunday morning. I wasn’t sure how race-ready my legs would actually be!

As per usual, Mother Nature threw some challenges at me for race morning. 100% chance of rain and 19 mph wind. Woof. I’m okay with racing in the rain, but I am extremely cautious on my bike in the rain. Last thing I need right now is to crash my bike.

I bitched and moaned, I shivered, I was impatient, but finally my wave started at 7:49 AM. The lake was delightfully calm, and was a perfect temperature. My sighting must need practice because I felt like I was way far away from the buoy line, but it was peaceful out there. No bodies to claw at, no one grabbing my ankles. It was just a swim. I was 6th out of my age group out of the water.


I got into a fight with my wetsuit in T1, and then headed off on my bike. I knew the wind would be a bother for the first half, so just hunkered down and got into an easy gear to keep the cadence at 85 or higher. All of my tough training rides in the wind last month paid off, because I was cruising! I was passing people on the itty bitty uphills that the course had to offer. When the course went with the wind I was flying at 28 mph! Definitely my strongest work on the bike!


On the run my legs had the usual whoa, wtf is happening feeling, but it’s just three miles. I absolutely refused to walk any of those miles. My first split surprised me at 9:00, my second was 9:22, and third was 9:19. When it felt hard my mind went to positive pep talk “Just pretend this is Toughman 70.3, you want to PR, you gotta earn it. If you ever want to train to qualify for Kona it’s going to hurt way worse than this

Just the positive mental self talk is a huge success to me. In the past I’ve slipped down a black hole of negativity. I’ve been training hard, the results are showing, and it helps keep my head in a good place.

My official finish times
SWIM 400 yd:  8:25
T1:  3:23
BIKE 16 miles:  54:12, 17.7 mph
T2::  1:46
RUN 3.1 miles:  28:26, 9:10 min/mile
total:  1:36:10, 15/28 in AG


I’m very happy with all that. After the race, on our drive back to Madison John and I debated whether or not we should last-minute sign up for Capitol View Triathlon this coming weekend. It took all of 2 minutes to decide, duh, yes we should! So we’re in for another weekend of last minute taper miles and a sprint triathlon…it’s the tri-life yo!


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