Just Tired

Right now it’s 8:17 AM. I should be just finishing up a 12 mile long run. I ate my carbs last night, I stretched, rolled, took a salt bath, and went to bed at 8:45. When the alarm went off at 5:30 I woke with a raging headache, and just felt depleted of energy. I went downstairs and took a sip of coffee and decided “Nope”

I crawled back into bed, worrying about when I’ll be able to get these miles done. The miles were planned for this morning because I don’t start work until 11:00 today. On Saturday my plan is to wake early, ride 2 hours, go to work, and then after work go to a Dog festival, because I love dogs and I don’t want triathlon training to rule over fun things in life. On Sunday I have a sprint triathlon. It made the most sense to get the miles done today.

When I woke up at 8:00, after 11 hours of sleep I was wondering how in the world I’m so tired. I had a big weekend of tough miles, and then took Monday and Tuesday off, with the exception of some strength training on Tuesday. I’ve been eating good, nutritious foods, no booze/beer, and getting plenty of sleep. Sleep is hugely important to me, I work a job where focus is essential to success….Work…Then it came to me.

Work has been extra stressful lately. For the last week I’ve been pulling another person’s weight at work. We’ve been down a person due to vacation, and it’s been non-stop running around. It’s also important to note that I work on my feet, no sitting in front of a desk for 8 hours here.

It’s frustrating when work interferes with my training. I’m not career-oriented at this point in my life. Right now I’m pathetically triathlon-oriented. I don’t feel guilty about sleeping in this morning, I know I needed it.



  1. Oh I HEAR you! My training is going fine, but work is BUSY and the kids just finished the school year. I am right at the edge of total burnout. Good decision this morning! You’ll be back at it tomorrow 🙂


  2. I can totally relate. Last year when I was training for Ironman and working a ton of hours on a very stressful project I could not function. Sometimes I would come home and take naps from 6 to 8 pm. Sometimes our bodies just need a break.


  3. It’s so hard to know when tired is just lazy and when tired is TIRED. I try to at least drag myself out of bed and if I still don’t want to do anything after getting up and dressed, I figure I need the rest. Hope your are feeling well-rested now.


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