Oh wait, I’m a Triathlete


I Instagramm’ed this image on Friday morning because in the past I could very much relate to it. What weekend? Relaxation? Huh?

Now that I’m not training for a full Ironman this year, I have some precious weekend time to do things other than train. It’s so freeing I’m afraid I might not ever want to commit to full Ironman training again! Saturday morning John and I woke up and took a stroll around Dane County Farmer’s Market. This is something I haven’t been able to do in a long time!

After the farmer’s market we did get into cycling gear to do a long ride. We set out for 40 miles, longest ride this season! Forty miles takes me two and a half hours, but I didn’t feel stressed out about getting it done, I actually very much enjoyed it. One huge difference between how I trained last year and this year is that I’m just starting my ride from home. Last year I would rack the bike onto the car and drive to Verona to do the Ironman loop. The drive to get there takes around 30 minutes. Thirty minutes there, two and a half hour ride plus breaks, thirty minute drive back…it equated to a major time suck.

During the ride John kept talking about how he was going to run 6-8 miles after. I didn’t plan on it being a brick, but he definitely motivated me to make it one. After the ride I ran two miles, he got in five. Even after a three hour brick I still had plenty of Saturday to enjoy! So we packed up some things and went to the dog beach.


Of course I considered bringing my wetsuit, I’m a triathlete, I can’t help but thinking about sneaking a swim in if I’m at the lake! I tucked some goggles into our beach bag, just in case. Good thing, because I hopped right in! I couldn’t resist. I love open water swimming!

All in all, great Saturday with quality training and leisure time. Half Ironman training suits me well!

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