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After my last couple of race bonks, I haven’t been able to trust my legs. Last Tuesday I went out for a six miler and the first two miles were 9:55s. It pissed me off. WHAT is going on with my legs? I stopped, stretched, almost cried. Then just got pissed and decided I’d run one mile fast, no matter what, just go fast. I did it in 8:35. From there I did half mile interval repeats, and finished my six mile run with a 9:20 average. That helped me gain some trust back in my legs.

Then I had to figure out when I could get my last long run in before the Syttende Mai 20 mile run coming up this weekend. Challenge is that I worked on Saturday morning and the temperatures are beginning to get warmer. If I waited until after work on Saturday it would have been 75 degrees with 80% humidity. It wasn’t ideal. The ideal time would have been Friday morning before work. But,…Thursday night I fell asleep on the couch. I was wiped out. I needed the sleep and knew waking up at 4:00am on Friday before work would lead to disaster. So, I bailed last minute on a Book Club meet on Friday night, which in turn caused the Book Club meet to fall apart. I feel bad. I went to bed at 8:00pm on Friday, woke at 4:00am on Saturday and knocked out 12 miles.

My legs felt incredible too. It felt relatively effortless. Why can’t my legs do that on race day? The run ended with a 9:45 average, which surprised me. I felt like I was moving quicker than that. But, I’m happy that mentally and physically I felt great so I’m not going to let the pace bother me. Plus, this was 12 miles straight through, turns out when you get up at 4:00am you don’t have to stop for any traffic lights.

Sunday morning we had an hour and forty five minutes planned on the bikes. Mother Nature was playing mean that morning with temperature in the low 50s and light rain. We bundled up, put on all the layers, went outside and quickly agreed, “Nope!”  Instead I spent that time on my indoor spin bike.

So this week leads up to my final distance run race for this Spring. Sytennde Mai 20 miler is on Saturday. I’m pretty stoked for it. It’s Madison’s original distance race before Madison Marathon came along. I did the ten mile race in 2010 and it’s still one of my favorite race memories. John was out of town that weekend, and I bravely registered last minute and showed up. The 20 mile distance has been on my bucket list since 2010, but Spring marathons always got in the way. I’m excited to finally do it up this weekend. I’m excited for John to run his longest distance yet!


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  1. I think we need to remember that our bodies are not machines. We expect them to perform the same or better each time no matter what, and they just don’t cooperate!


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