Half Marathon Bonk

Happy Marathon Monday! Qualifying for Boston isn’t something I ever aspire to do, but I am very inspired by those who have worked their butts off to get there. Hard work and results!

Speaking of hard work, apparently I’m not doing enough. I had my first half marathon on Saturday. I bonked, I think. I’m not really sure what happened to be honest. I woke up Saturday morning feeling off, kind of gag-y. No, I did not drink any alcohol on Friday, in fact I drank a ton of water because I spent the day lounging in the sun on my patio.

I wasn’t gag-y enough to not run, but it did cross my mind. My run started off great, the first three splits were 8:53, 9:04, 9:15. Then I dipped into the 9:20s and I knew breaking two hours wouldn’t be in the cards. That’s fine I thought, 9:20s is very reasonable considering all of my long training runs have been 9:40s. The wind started to get to me, and then my heart rate started to get wacky. My heart rate was sky rocketing when I held a 9:30 pace. So I slowed, and got frustrated, and then started to run/walk from mile 8 to the end. Argh. Body, why?

I can’t honestly say that I worked my butt off training for this thing, but I can’t say I didn’t do anything either. I did hill repeats, fartleks, and one track workout. I didn’t do enough, that’s for sure. My finish was 2:10, which in the grand scheme of things, is not a bad finish time. I know people who would be giddy to finish in that, I just had higher expectations for myself.

My performance on Saturday makes me feel all give up-y. Why bother? Wahhhhh. Womp.

My performance also makes me want to go work harder.

There’s really not a lot of time before Sytennde Mai 20 mile run in May, but I’ll do what I can.



  1. It’s so frustrating. I’m sorry. Strangely enough my PR (3 years old) is from a race I want trying for that. It was so strange. And I’ve trained a number of times to break that again. It’s horribly frustrating and I don’t have any miracle advice other than keep trying. You work hard and it’s okay.


  2. They can’t all be good runs and at least your reaction is to work harder for the next one. Don’t count Boston out! I never in a million years thought I would qualify and I did. It takes work but it can be done. You can do it!


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