Forget Fall, it’s Spring Race Season!

Since my last post about having to decide on a different fall marathon I really haven’t given it much more thought. I’m probably going to risk it with the Garden Marathon in Madison since it’s cheap and the starting line is a mile from my house. If it sucks, I can just run home.

Another thought is, do I really even have a fall marathon in me? It’s so early in the season, but during the later miles of a 15 mile training run on Saturday I was carrying a lot of doubt. Somewhere after mile 12 I bonked and had a very rational meltdown. There isn’t one specific thing I can pinpoint as to what was wrong, but the last three miles of that run felt impossible. Of course I got through it, but it sure sucked some confidence out of me.

Mile 9 I thought “Just one more hour!”

Speaking of feeling unsure, I have my first 13.1 of the year this Saturday. My original goal was to PR, if not, break two hours. Right now I’m not sure either of those things can happen. There’s a saying, “Hope isn’t a good training plan”  So true. I really don’t know what to expect from my legs. My only hope is that all the hills I’ve been running for the last few weeks will provide strong, fast legs on this pancake flat course this Saturday.

No matter what, I’m very much looking forward to this half marathon. It’s a very small, local one called Parkinson’s Half Marathon. It’s for a good cause, obviously. The course is an out and back on a beautiful trail, and the post race food is the most amazing post race spread I’ve ever seen.

After this weekend, I have Crazy Legs 8k and Lake Monona 20k to look forward to in the next couple of weeks.

Hooray for Spring race season!


  1. It feels to weird to not be part of spring race season. I mean, I always knew I wasn’t going to run a half this spring with my brother’s wedding. I hope you have a great half this weekend and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.


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