Spring Weekend Miles

Spring weather came around over the weekend, and that meant being outside, enjoying my long run, and spending every waking minute in the sunshine as possible.

On Saturday we did a recovery week long run of just 10 miles. We were both relieved to “just” be doing 10 miles this week, it would go by so quick! Except it didn’t. I planned a torturous route with giant hills, Observatory Drive included. I also thought I could get away without taking a Gu because it was “just” 10 miles. Somewhere after mile 7 I was depleted of energy and took my stupid Gu.


After our run we agreed to finally revisit the Harmony Bar & Grill in Madison. We haven’t been there in 10 years because of the atrocious service we received on several occasions. On my first visit I asked if they had any flavored vodkas, the bartender barked “Why don’t you try to learn to drink like an adult and come back?” Whoa. What the actual F.

On another occasion John asked the bartender, “I’m in the mood for a gin drink, what do you recommend?” The grumpy old man said, “We’re not that kind of bar” and walked away. Um? The kind of bar that serves drinks? You’re not that kind? Okay. So we just gave up going there.

Walking into the establishment on Saturday I felt like I was walking on egg shells. The same goddamn woman who told me to learn to drink like an adult was still there. Ten years later. We hesitantly ordered. John and I quietly ate our food and slurped our drinks, and did not order a second round. We were too afraid of getting scolded at for not doing it right. They obviously have a right way there.

Sunday morning was even nicer out than Saturday. With the pool being closed for Easter, I thought about riding my bike. Most of me was all “Nah, you’re sore from running hills yesterday, you’re not on a training plan, you don’t have to ride, lazy Sunday!” But this inner guilt got me. The guilt reminded me that I do have a 70.3 in the middle of June, I should be getting more serious on my bike! So I got 21 miles in, and it was delightful.


I find it interesting that even though I’m not signed up for a 140.6 distance triathlon that I still deep down feel the need to put in the miles like I am training for one. Yet I’m glad I’m not signed up for one because I don’t want to be tied down to a training plan this year. It’s a triathlete conundrum.

There’s a balance in there somewhere, I will eventually figure it out!


  1. I know several people who have had bad experience at Harmony. Told they weren’t adult enough to drink there, etc, rude service, talked down to, etc (they are in their early 30’s). I’ve never been, but all the stories I’ve heard make me not want to even try.


    • They’re less than a mile from us, would be nice to have another neighborhood bar to walk to. Thought they would have improved in 10 years. I didn’t enjoy it. The first time scarred me too much.
      When I asked if they could add chicken to their cheese quesadilla they said no. They have chicken, they have quesadillas, I don’t see why they can’t add it, it’s a simple request. When I worked in the restaurant business if we had it in the kitchen and the customer requested it, we gave it to them.
      Then the chicken sandwich I ordered instead tasted like it was marinated in sugar.


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