Kick Butt More

Yesterday I went on a gear & clothing shopping binge. For far too long I’ve needed to new run shorts, sports bras, cycling glasses, an insulated handheld water bottle, and goggles. The gear is something I can just order online, but the shorts I have to try on. I’m apparently the world’s strangest in between size and can’t always depend on medium or large being a safe bet.

At Dick’s Sporting Goods I grabbed five varieties of shorts to try on. Shortly after, I posted this Instagram:


In the mirror my legs looked kind of cottage-cheesy, the horror. But those cottage-cheese legs proceeded to have the best brick workout in their life after shopping. I biked 16 miles at 17 mph, which is fast for me, especially in 18 mph wind! Then ran 4 miles with these splits: 9:22, 9:12, 9:02 and 8:44. WHAT?!! Those are some incredible numbers for me.

Moral of the story is to go kick butt more and put myself down less.



  1. Amen for not putting yourself down more. I need to listen to that.

    As far as clothing goes, have you tried the kit from Coeur? I LOVE IT!!! Returns are free and it is free shipping. I like to buy the three piece kits; a tri-top, the tri-shorts, and the running shorts. All interchangeable. I feel like I get a lot for the money.


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