#TriPlayDay Swim and a Long Run

Right now, I’m feeling pretty darn good about the weekend of training that John and I got in. On Saturday morning we woke up bright and early to participate in the swim portion of the Cookie Project’s Tri Play Day. Ever hear of it? No? Get out from under that rock!

In short, The Cookie Project is a thank you to residents who live on an Ironman course that kindly drive around the masses of cyclists training on the course for months before the event. The organization delivers cookies to those residents as a thank you and an awareness for bike safety on the roads. How sweet!

Tri Play Day is their fundraiser to help pay for the cost of delivering cookies to the 557 residents on the Ironman Wisconsin bike course. It’s a day full of group training with coaches and of course cookies.

This year John and I could only make the swim portion of Tri Play Day because we had 13 miles to run on our training plan. I was amazed at how far he has come since we went last year. Last year John arrived in Bermuda shorts and was flopping around clueless in the water. This year he had proper tri shorts and glided back and forth like he knew what he was doing! He also left feeling like he got some good feedback and takeaways to improve his form! I’m so proud of him and appreciate his newly formed addiction to the sport.


Our run started off feeling rough. It was chilly to start, my legs felt heavy after an hour of swimming drills. It wasn’t until we got to a hilly portion of our route that I started feeling better. Running up and down some rolling hills made the run feel more purposeful. We again average 9:40-9:45 minute miles, which isn’t exactly where I want to be, but, we both felt good the day after the run, no soreness.

Then on Sunday, John suggested we go to the gym to swim. Huh? I happen to be enjoying my lazy Sunday, but, I’m so proud of his progress and desire to train for these things that I agreed!

Now, onward to a recovery week!


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