Spring is my least favorite season, and I don’t like that Mark Ronson song Uptown Funk. There. I got that weirdness out of the way. Even though I’m not a big fan of Spring, I really am enjoying the tolerable conditions it brought us in the last couple of weeks. On Monday I got to take out my bike for the first time since Ironman WI last September!

See, it even still had the bib number sticker on it!

To add to the list of my least favorite things, biking is kind of one of them. I’ve always struggled with the bike portion of the triathlon. I don’t own a trainer so I usually lose all my bike fitness over the winter and I’m surprised in spring when biking is hard again. On Monday I was surprised that my bike ride was actually decent! I averaged 16 mph which is typical for me.

With it officially being Spring, that means my Spring races are creeping  up on me. I’m not where I had intended to be speed wise. Whoop. Yesterday John and I did a 12 mile long run and averaged 9:45 minute miles. My excuses are that it was a hilly route and pretty windy along the lake. Plus it’s a long run, it’s meant to be slow and to be training time on the feet. Annnnnd, hard to complain with what a perfect afternoon it was. Fifty degrees, sunny, just delightful.

Another positive thing I noticed after that long run is that I still had more in the tank. I could have easily gone another couple of miles. That’s a good thing, smart long running in my opinion!

If Spring keeps up the good work (tolerable outside conditions), then I’ll do the same.

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