Every time I experience a new to me ache/pain/twinge I panic. Last week Wednesday I felt like the bottom of my heel was bruised. After some Google-doctoring I diagnosed myself with plantar faciitis. Then Friday morning within the first step out of bed I felt a knot happen in my calf. It was so painful I almost fell over! This led to more time on Google, diagnosing myself with the worst. All things on the internet told me I shouldn’t run on a knotted calf and I was doomed.

The more I thought about all the things I read on the internet, the more I just didn’t believe that my knot was that serious. I took it out for a two mile test run on Saturday. The calf was just fine, though I did feel that bruise sensation on the bottom of my foot. I played around with my pace to see if I could find a pace where I didn’t feel it. Faster was better.

After the two mile test run I felt a lot more optimistic about it all. Though I still had a decision to make, run my 10k on Sunday, or drop down to the 5k? I argued with myself about it all day Saturday. Even Sunday morning I really was unsure.

As I was getting ready on Sunday morning, stressing, John said “I feel silly going to spectate a 10k when I have to run 6 miles today”

#hint #hint

I told him I would pay for his registration if he ran with me. Having his comfort in case anything were to go wrong with my leg during the race was worth the registration fee to me.

I’m not Irish, but I am lucky! We ended up running a decent 10k with all limbs intact! Splits: 9:07, 8:50, 9:07, 9:07, 9:23, 9:44, averaged 9:11. The last split was round two of Observatory Drive, an energy sucking mountainous hill.

A major take away I got from this race is that I neeeeeed to do more hill work. And speed work. And that I’m very, very lucky to have John!



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