Killing Time, Plotting Numbers

It’s early Saturday morning and I have some time to kill before sucking it up and going for the first long run of my training cycle for a 20 mile race in May. I have a few hours to kill before the temperature goes above zero. This probably sounds wimpy or whiny, but I’m just not fighting Winter this year. I fought it last year during the Polar Vortex. Last year in order to get long runs done I would divvy up my long run miles between the treadmill and the tenth of a mile track at the gym. One day I even drove to Milwaukee to use the Petit Center to run 70+ laps for a 15 mile run. Indoor miles are not why I train for these things!

Since I’ve been refusing to run in undesirable, below zero weather conditions, I’ve fallen behind in build up to that 20 mile race. Great. I slapped some numbers onto an excel sheet and I have some ramping up to do.


And then I remembered I have two other races before the 20 mile race that I forgot to consider during this training cycle. Crazy Legs 8k happens to fall three weeks before the 20 miler, you know, peak week! I’m going to take off of work Thursday and Friday to get my 18 mile training run done on Thursday, and then hopefully float through the 8k on Saturday. I won’t skip the 8k, it’s Crazy Legs Classic! It was my first foot race ever in 2009.

The other issue is a half marathon four weeks before the 20 mile race. I originally wanted to try to PR at this half, but I may have to reassess what’s more important, a half marathon PR, or a sub three hour 20 mile race? Maybe both is possible. Only time will tell.

Speaking of time, is it time to run yet?


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