Solo Gym Triathlon

When I get a middle of the week day off of work, I like to fill it with activity. Usually a long run, or in the winter cross country skiing. It’s an entire day for me, to go out and play! Today was that day for me, except I did not get to go out and play. It was -15 degrees with windchill, no thank you.

Instead of playing outside I went to the gym. What I should have done, especially after registering for spring races, is to force myself to run six treadmill miles. Treadmills, ugh, no.


To keep things fresh and fun with indoor workouts, I did my own sprint distance triathlon at the gym! I started with a 1200 yard swim–yes I know 1200 is way more than a typical sprint distance triathlon. I swam 1200 yards because 1. I like swimming, and 2. If I’m getting my hair wet it better be worth it. My swim was straight through, no breaks or kick-board laps. Got it done in 21 minutes!

Next I planted my butt on a spin bike. Biking is my least favorite, even outside. I always hold back on the bike knowing I need to run after. I did 12 miles in 36 minutes, which averages 20 mph. If this had been done outside I would have averaged 16 mph no doubt. Twenty mph is high for me, and I know I didn’t push very hard today.

Finally I hopped onto the treadmill. My first mile was quick, but I felt myself fading. I refused to walk any of it, it’s just 3.1 miles. Stupid reality TV shows kept my mind occupied while I slogged through it. When there was just a half a mile to go I increased the speed so I could get it over with quicker. Finished 3.1 miles in 28:05, a 9:03 average.

Not too shabby for a self-hosted solo triathlon. So it better warm up soon, because I’m not sure what else I can do to entertain myself in the gym!


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