I impulsively did something crazy, silly yesterday. I’m excited and nervous, but there’s such a slim chance I’d even be chosen to join the 2015 Ironman Foundation Tri Team. I saw a tweet, (it always starts with a tweet) and I applied without letting any doubts keep me from a great opportunity.

Thought it was ironic that the thing I favorit’ed right before that was about following your dreams!


For now I’m not going to get overly excited and start planning things. They only select 40 inspiring candidates. I so impulsively applied that I’m sure my application will be scoffed at and tossed aside. But who knows, WHAT IF?

One thing is for sure, I think it would be a great change of pace for me to race for a cause. It’s something I’ve always shied away from, the idea of asking people for donations is scary. But reading through the fine print, this program makes it seem very doable. If selected, be prepared to donate a few bucks, pleeease!!

Aside from that impulsive decision, I took my run outside this afternoon. There was so much daylight left after 5:00! It was delightful! There were a few rough patches of ice to slow down for, but that’s what daylight is for, to see it before wiping out! My lucky pup Ziggy got to tag along too!


And that’s the end of my impulsive decisions for today. Stay tuned for more.


  1. You can’t be considered until you apply! I applied for a team that I knew I would never get on. I applied anyway and didn’t get on. I wish I would have applied to a team that I thought I could actually get on! But you never know until you apply!!! Good Luck!!! 🙂


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