Long Run-less Weekends

It’s been liberating knowing that I don’t “have” to complete X amount of miles each weekend since I’m not registered for a Spring marathon for the first time in four years. If it’s -10 and sleeting out, it’s a huge relief to skip running and do something else. On the flip side, when it’s actually kind of perfect outside and I see everyone else tweeting about their great long runs and their intention to smash their goals, I miss it!

On Saturday it was quite perfect out, 35 degrees with sunshine. That’s the best! John and I wanted to take advantage of the new snow that we got last week and go cross country skiing. On our drive to the park I felt guilt about not running, which is so weird! In December I was sick of running and just wanted a chance to cross country ski!

Once we got going on the skis though, there was nowhere else I’d rather be. The snow was perfect and glide-y! We had such a great afternoon in the woods, I can’t wait for the next chance we get to do this.




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