Just Keep Swimming

I’m finally beginning to see the light, slowly crawling out of this never-ending sick virus coughing crap. I’m still blowing my nose every 42 seconds, but I’m not longer hacking up my lungs. This called for a trip to the pool!


I got in, swam some fast laps, pretended I was racing the guy in the lane next to me, slowed down, and finished 1800 yards. Hooray for being able to swim! After my swim I figured I should go into the dryer part of the gym and lift some heavy things to keep my legs strong.

This seemed like a great idea until I was surrounded by mirrors. It was unpleasant. I was disgusted with myself. My belly, the sight of it made me want to break down and cry.

On my drive home from the gym I was thinking “I’m so strong. I have such strong legs. I can run a marathon on a whim. I can train for and do an Ironman. Instead of beating yourself up over a little belly bulge, why can’t you be grateful and proud of what your body can do?”

I can be rational. It’s just easier typed than done.

My take away from this night is to just keep swimming, and be grateful.


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