Getting stuff done in the Pool

During Winter I tend to spend more time in the pool instead of forcing myself through misery on the treadmill. It’s kind of a nice way to treat my legs during the off season, they get a break from all that I put them through with distance running and biking during Spring, Summer and Fall.

This winter I’ve actually been doing speed work. It’s kind of a miracle, I hate following detailed workouts! In all honestly, I don’t go to the pool with anything written down, or certain sets that I plan on. I still arrive, hop in, and go by feel, but force in some uncomfortable, fast drills in there too. Apparently that’s been working! See below:


Seeing this progress excites me! This is going to help with my goal of PRing at the 70.3 distance this year. Plus it’s just nice to be able to swim more yards in less time, swimming is time consuming yo!


One comment

  1. Awesome swim times!! Swimming seems to take forever to get ready to do and clean up from it so you might as well safe time where you can!! You are going to kick butt in 2015!


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