Fall Marathon Decision

Though I haven’t registered for it yet, I finally picked which fall marathon that I want to train for and hopefully big time PR at. I did put in my time off request at work for it, which is basically the same commitment level as registering for it, in my opinion. Plus, I have until the end of March before the price increases, what’s the rush?

There’s no rush really, because I’ve been mulling over this decision for a while now. There are soooo many fun choices, and so many marathons on my bucket list! What I have decided, for now, is the Lake Country Marathon. It’s an inaugural event, Eeeeeek, it’s a smaller event, and it’s close enough to home that I can sleep in my own bed and drive there in the morning. The main reason I choose this one is the time of year it’s held, September 27th. I shouldn’t have to have my pre-race panic attack over which layers to wear that time of year. It should be as simple as shorts and a singlet, should be.

I’m not too concerned with it being an inaugural event as far as race organization goes. It’s put on by Silver Circle Events, a race company that is not new to putting these things on. I did run a half marathon put on by them in December and it was very well organized, even with having to do a last minute course change due to snow/ice conditions.

I’m okay with a smaller sized race and can handle not having any spectator support. After reaching out to the event director I learned they’re expecting approximately 750 participants, though there is a half marathon too. I’m guessing out of 750 there might less than 200 marathoners. Maybe I’ll have a shot at an age group award!

I’ve never been so nervous with choosing a marathon before. Hopefully this is the right decision! I’ll train hard and time will tell.

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