Isthmus Push & Shove Fest (Beer & Cheese) 2015

My Christmas gift to John was tickets to the Isthmus Beer and Cheese Fest. As regular Great Taste of the Midwest goers, we were excited to try a new to us local beer festival that included cheese too!

We got there about 1:30 to get checked in, ID’ed, wrist band, and just try to be ahead of an inevitable line. Our timing was great for that. At 2:00 we were promptly let in to sample beers! The first hour of beer and cheese sampling was great. The lines were 5 people deep, you could maneuver from one vender to the next, all was great. Soon enough though, as more people poured in, it started to get overwhelmingly crowded.

It was shoulder to shoulder, jam packed, and to me not at all enjoyable. The lines became 12-20 deep, it took 5 minutes to wait in line for a tiny sample at each vender, not to mention the people who would rudely just cut in line by their friends. When I tried to walk to a different vender it was a push and shove mosh pit. Some venders even ran out of product by 5:00! They should have had enough to last until 6:00 when the event was scheduled to end.

This picture was posted to their FaceBook by someone else who was equally as annoyed.

As for positives of the Isthmus Beer and Cheese Fest? They had a good variety of venders, we got a cute bag,…That’s really all I can come up with!

Capture2I don’t think I’d buy tickets for this again in the future, it was a $50 push and shove fest to me. It’s probably more enjoyable if you get the VIP tickets and get in two hours early before the crowds.

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