Cross Country Skiing

I got to go cross country skiing again! This time I left the dogs at home while the spouse was at work, and I went on a solo adventure. Sometimes it’s nice to just go and be.

Getting outdoors and savoring some sunshine is important to me during these cold, dark winter weeks. I wanted to spend as much time as possible gliding on the trails and soaking in some January sunshine! My legs had other feelings, like fatigue from the two hour cross country ski adventure two days prior to this. Womp womp!

Once I realized that my legs had no interest in my quest to enjoy Winter I turned around and took my time heading back. I snapped a few photos too.





I like the last photo of the Run/Ski arrows, it’s almost a metaphor for my winters. Do I do my long runs, or ski instead? In past years I suffered through Winter training for a spring marathon. So far this Winter I’m happy with my choice of not doing a spring marathon, and doing whatever I want. Right now, what I want is more cross country skiing!

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